Odroid HC2 8TB WD red too big?

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      Nope, this shouldn't be necessary and I don't think it's the solution (since you blacklisted the JMS578 and not a HDD). Can you please provide dmesg output again and also from lsusb -t (or simply armbianmonitor -u or -U).
      I'm still thinking about an underpowering problem which is simply masqueraded by forcing the HDD to operate more inefficiently (the old Mass Storage mode is a mess compared to UAS)
      Sorry, I put the 3TB disk back in, and recreated all the shares there. Currently, the 8TB disk is a mess and if i put it back in again, I will have to delete the "good" shares etc.
      I did order another sd-card on Saturday, and once it has arrived, I will setup a separate 8TB OMV system disk so that I should be able to swap HDs and sd-cards simultaneously.
      Then I will report back.
    • SD card arrived today, so I made a fresh new install, put in the 8TB disk in and set up a test share. Everything worked smoothly, system rebooted in less than 1min, and after reboot, the disk was recognized and the share was there ^^ . So everything seems fine at the moment. I will now clone the 3TB disk to the 8TB disk and hopefully arrive at the system I was trying to set up in the beginning. I did not have to modify the boot.ini file for that and I certainly will not touch the "physical disk properties". It seems that @Sylvania and @Adoby had a point there.
      Anyway, thank you and @tkaiser of course.
      I pasted the output of dmesg pastebin.com/65DRhtQj and armbianmonitor output can be found at http://ix.io/1o7r.
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