Deletion of FileSystem does not work

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    • Deletion of FileSystem does not work


      OMV: 4.1.11 (Arrakis)

      I'm a complete OMV newbie / rookie, so please bear with me ...

      I tried to delete a file system by doing the following:

      Delete all shares which were connected to this file system. (SMB/OMV).
      Umount device over GUI
      Delete File System.

      By clicking the "Delete" Button i get 2 messages:

      1.) Do you really want to delete the selected item(s) -> yes
      2.) Do you really want to delete the file system? All data will be lost -> yes

      After that, nothing happens. Even if i wait some time

      Do i maybe have to wipe the disk beforehand or what's the problem here?
      If you need configuration or log files, please also tell me the location where they are. I really don't know them yet... :)

      Thanks very much!
    • And if you have used ZFS on the drive, to wipe the drive from the GUI might not be enough. In that case you have to use wipefs from the CLI.
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