Odroid xu4 ---> HC2 same installation?

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    • Odroid xu4 ---> HC2 same installation?

      I have an installation now on a cloudshell2 (Odorid xu4) where I have a backup of the entire installation :) Can I remove the mountpoints on that installation and move this installation directly into Hc2? - When i remove mountpoint in webgui, are they removed completely so it does not conflict when I put the Sd card in Hc2?
    • mrperfektone wrote:

      I have an installation now on a cloudshell2 (Odorid xu4)
      OMFG!!! All your complaints about OMV being unstable are in the end related to using unreliable hardware?! Seriously? You used this Cloudshell 2 gimmick all the time?

      You can use an OS image for XU4 directly on a HC2 but sharepoints need some attention. With USB attached SATA the drive labels differ based on the used USB-to-SATA bridge and its firmware.

      I don't think Hardkernel took this into account (they use JMicron chips on the Cloudshell 2 toy and also on HC1 and HC2 but most probably the way these ICs define a drive 'label' don't match)

      OMV currently mounts disks by 'label' and this is a mess with USB attached disks. BTW: you lost me with your famous last reply 'But you might pick your money on a tree in the garden or?' (my time has some value and therefore no more answers)
    • It's 100% right what I said - You just say throw it out of the window if it does not work ... But I do not know how much money you have but it takes money to buy new ... - So it's an arogant pronunciation .You are very rude at times when people ask you nicely and that's a weird behavior. You can just say if you are tired of helping out rather than being rude.