Change User ID's and how to do it

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    • Change User ID's and how to do it

      Hello Everyone,

      first of all i would like to thank everybody for creating this very fine piece of software.

      I installed an OMV 4.x in this summer, but i made a mistake when configuring it. When i created the users, i first created my girlfriend an at second myself. Now she has the User-ID 1000 while i have the 1001. On all my Linux-PC's, i am the only user so i have the 1000 as user id. When i now access the OMV via NFS, all the files i create look like she created them. This leads to strange reactions when saving the files or accessing some directories. The problem is not a security problem, because we are in the same group and share all files together. So it wouldn't be a big problem if all files belong to me.

      I would like to correct this error, but i don't know how to do this the best way. Should i delete our 2 users and recreate us in the right sequence? Or should i try to swap her to User-ID 1003 and change myself to 1000?


    • Changing User IDs as well as Group IDs is the standard Debian way. Keep in mind that you might need to change the existing files, too.

      You can find both informations here for example:…-gid-for-all-owned-files/
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