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      Good I have 2 hard drives connected to my Raspberry Pi with OMV and in the administration I get the 2 hard drives I have in extesion Ext4 but when I go to the raid section to make the raid I do not get any device you create partitions and that and never It comes out, I'm new in this now I have the hard drives without partitions or anything if you could help me to appear to be able to do it is that I do not know what to do.

      At the moment that I made the photos, I only had 1 hard drive connected but it also does not appear in the raid section.

      Here I leave you a couple of captures

      I hope you can help me, Thanks
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    • Please don't use raid on an RPi. Raid on usb drives and an RPi are just really bad ideas. If you want to mirror them, use rsync. if you want to pool them, use the unionfilesystem plugin.
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