How to change resolution after OMV is already installed with a different monitor?

    • motox22a wrote:

      I can't show you now as it's 2:12AM here...OMV Server is off and I'd have to wake the wife to turn it on...
      You're 8 hours behind us pond dwellers then :)

      motox22a wrote:

      But I can assure you console-setup is a directory on my installation...It's in /etc.
      The same on mine as well, but the file is in /etc/default/ hence my command line reference.
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    • Tried changing the VIDEOMODE to "800x600", "1024x768", and "1366x768"...
      None of them had any affect. I'm not sure this file is even being used. At some point in the boot
      process it changes to the video mode that causes the text to be offscreen...

      Here's what it looks like...Once you put the username in the password prompt is completely offscreen...Needless
      to say you are typing blind trying to do anything after that as it's all offscreen...But Shellinabox or SSH works...just a pain to run back
      to another PC to do something if you're there already...But not the end of the world...

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