How to move settings from old OMV to a clean installed

    • OMV 4.x

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    • How to move settings from old OMV to a clean installed

      I have learned a number of things on my old environment as I made made a number of errors on the way.
      The old system do work, but there are issues with it, so when I now plan to upgrade to 4.0, I want to do a clean install on a new SSD HD.
      I plan to recreate most of the settings I've used in the old system but without the bad choices.

      So I would like to use the old config files as a template and lookup when I configure the new environment.

      What files should I do a backup of to be able to do this?
      openmediavault/config.xml is the first that comes to mind for the main system. But is that enough for OMV?

      There are a couple of plugins I need to backup too, but my main concern is for OMV.
      I plan to move the current HD to another computer during the installation, but as that one lacks the actual hard drives, I am not sure how helpful that will be.

      Side question; By the way, would it be useful to run OMV as a docker image?