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      ich used the Manuel from this post: Setting Vpn to access from outside

      Thx at jata1 :thumbsup:

      First, everything works fine. I got in my VPN with my OMV, a Synology NAS, a Android Smartphone and a Windows 10 PC (PC and Phone with OpenVPN-App).
      Second, all have IP-Adress, is this normal ? 2Pics to show the IPs.



      I want to administrate my OMV and the Synology-NAS (it's in a friends home, 100km far from my OMV) from outside my home with my smartphone or the Synology from my Windows PC.

      Now my question :
      - What are the VPN-IP-Adresses to go to my Sources (OMV, Synology)?
      - If i'm in the VPN with my PC, i don't have Internet. Maybe a little Settings-Problem ?

      I hope this is not a big problem to solve.

    • RudiSH wrote:

      Hi and thx,
      the port 1194 UDP is already open.
      What i have to change in my *opvn file ? I don't understand, what you mean.

      Do i have to change something in the first 14 lines ?
      Be sure that you have a Public address set (it is your internet address or your ddns address if you have a dynamic ip )

      Or if you can't connect:
      If you are on OMV 4.x and use openmediavault-openvpn 4.0.1 you need to fix a bug in the server manually see the link below, try this but unless you post your server config (mask your public address though )

      OpenVPN - can't log in
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