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      Hi there! Thanks for this great project!

      I've been trying to run OMV on a raspberry pi, but I want to use it for a baby monitor and was thinking, my old Asus eeepc netbook might be a good idea to use OMV on it. However, it's a i386 system and the latest images I can find is 3.0.36 on the SF site. Ideally, I'd like 4.x. I've tried building from source, thinking it would also build OMV images, however it doesn't.

      Can someone point me in the right direction to create an OMV image for i386 or would it be better to install debian/lubuntu and install as package instead?

    • Two options:

      Install with the i386 image, update and then upgrade to OMV4 with omv-release-upgrade from CLI
      install Debian 9 first and then OMV like described here:
      Install OMV4 on Debian 9 (Stretch)
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    • I recently did a 32 bit OMV install in the following manner:

      I installed Debian 9 using the "net install" image.
      When the selections for Debian software came up, I added the SSH server, and removed the desktop, print server, and the other software add-on's.
      (Being able to SSH into the completed Debian install, using PuTTY, makes the following a lot easier.)

      Then I used the scripts from the post @macom reference to install OMV4.

      With SSH enabled and being able to get on the command line with PuTTY, you'll be able to copy and paste the final OMV4 scripts. (When coping a script section with Ctrl+c, a right mouse click will paste the selection into a PuTTY command line prompt.)

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    • Use the Debian 9 netinst ISO image to install a i386 system and then manually install OMV4.
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