Issues copying files from Windows share

    • Issues copying files from Windows share

      Hiya all...

      Sorry, but I'm a total Linux newbie. I followed tkaiser's guide (thanks tkaiser ☺️) and installed/configured OMV 4.x on an Orangepi PC2. Setup the drive as EXT4, created home directories, setup users (family) etc. Everything works fine. Decided to copy some music files from my wife's Windows 7 PC. Unfortunately, any files with French accents (e.g. "C'était la dernière fois") aren't getting copied over, I suspect that this has to do with encoding (UTF16 V vs. UTF8?). Is there any command line command that I can use so these files get copied over? I've searched online, but haven't been able to find anything.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks Greg
    • Hmmmm, my wife is a Francophone, so most of her 5000+ songs will have to be converted. At this point I may be better off re-formatting the drive back to NTFS, create a share and add the users and permissions. Considering that most of her current and future docs will have French names, I might have to go this route. I was hoping that there was some magic command that I could type at the command line that would convert the EXT4 drive to UTF16. Oh well, part of the learning process.