remove missing hard disk

    • OMV 4.x
    • remove missing hard disk

      I have a problem.
      One of my hard drive is dead...
      I have remove it physically because system blocking at bios.
      I have replace it by another but i have some problem.
      I can't remove thr old hard drive from from web console.
      In journalctl i have this :

      Source Code

      1. device: Job dev-disk-by\x2dlabel-DD2ToMed.device/start timed out.
      2. oct. 18 10:04:51 OMV-OCTOGONE systemd[1]: Timed out waiting for device d
      3. ev-disk-by\x2dlabel-DD2ToMed.device.

      How to remove it manually ?
      If i change some parameters in shared folder i can push button apply but error message appear :

      Source Code

      1. Failed to execute command 'export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export LANG=C; systemctl restart 'sharedfolders-BACKUP\x2dPC\x2dMED.mount' 2>&1' with exit code '1': A dependency job for sharedfolders-BACKUP\x2dPC\x2dMED.mount failed. See 'journalctl -xe' for details.
      I remove the old hard drive fstab but I think it must be done elsewhere

      Thank's for your help