Sonarr Web UI needs refrshh

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    • Sonarr Web UI needs refrshh

      Hello Everyone,

      I tried to search the forum for my issue but i could not find a post about it.

      I have Linuxserver docker for sonarr, it is running perfectly and it does what is should do but the GUI or web UI is not updating or requires me to do a manual refresh on whatever browser i am using to reflect the current state, moving between tabs in sonarr does not refresh.

      for example if i grappled an episode manually i do not see it in activity tab unless i refresh the browser even if i clicked on the activity tab without refresh it won't show anything, this is just an example but everything goes like this

      i am running OMV4 and trying form my laptop win10 firefox, chrome and IE, Mono is also updated i check it in sonarr.