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      Hey guys,

      I have set up OMV for a small office. What I have to far is one PC acting as NAS, with two shared folders. I am trying to find a way now to sync the documents folders from 3 other computers to the PC running OMV, so that the setup will look like this:

      Shared Folder 1
      Shared Folder 2
      PC1 Documents and Desktop folders (Mac)

      PC2 [b]Documents and Desktop folders (Mac)[/b]
      PC3 [b]Documents and Desktop folders (Windows)[/b]

      I have the first two shared folders setup, but battling to figure out how to sync the Documents and Desktop folders of each computer ?( I might be missing something obvious, but please forgive me as I have only tried out OMV since today.

      Another thing that is puzzling me is that I can read/write in the shared folders from Windows and Mac machines, but not from a Linux machine (ElementaryOS). If anyone could give me a clue on that as well, I'd really appreciate it! Ah, it was a problem with the ACL settings.

      Thanks so much in advance!

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    • I assume that you are talking about having versioned backups of the desktop and documents folder on the PCs synced to the NAS now and then?

      You can setup the PCs to run a script every time it boots. Or at certain times. And have the script use a sync utility, like rsync, to create a timestamped snapshot of the desktop and documents folder in the right folder on the NAS. And perhaps have the script purge old snapshots.

      I do this on my PC and laptop. But they run Linux. Also I have a calibre (ebook manager) ebook library on my PC. I have it setup, using a script that launch calibre, so that whenever I quit calibre it automatically creates a new backup snapshot of my ebook collection on one of my NAS. I add ebooks to the collection, or update them, using calibre. So any changes to any part of the ebook collection are instantly backed up fully automatically to a timestamped snapshot.

      Most likely it is best if the NAS is always on and the client run the sync utility on boot and/or scheduled and send the time stamped snapshot to the NAS. Otherwise you would have to have shares on the PCs that the NAS can access and test if they are available before you run the sync.
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