Slow Write Speed on Raspberyy Pi 3 b+

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Slow Write Speed on Raspberyy Pi 3 b+

      Hello everyone,

      i wonder if it is normal that the Raspberry Pi 3 b+ is that slow when transfering files from windows to the NAS?
      I only get a maximum of around 9-10mbits.

      The Raspberry has a 4TB USB 3.0 Storage coneccted and is coneccted via LAN.

      On my PC i use Windows 10 64bit as OS.

      I know that the Raspberry hasnt the best Hardware but since this is my first NAS Server ever and also my first raspberry that i own for a week now i dont have too much experience if i might have to tweak something for it to run faster.

      Still learning to use Linux and i try different Projects on the Raspberry at the Moment but i really would like to use it as NAS for Multimedia access via Kodi for example.

      Thanks advance for any answers and assistance.

      Additional Info: When i transfer files i checked the Hardware usage of the Rasp. It only uses between 13 and 20% of the CPU
    • What filesystem do you use on the disk? Try ext4. Avoid NTFS!!!

      Make sure you have GbE cables and a GbE switch.

      Still, a little googling seems to suggest that you can't expect to exceed more than perhaps 10-20 MBs over a cabled network. That is less than half of what I get over WiFi.
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    • tkaiser wrote:

      INDIVIDUUM wrote:

      I only get a maximum of around 9-10mbits
      Mbits/sec or MB/sec?
      If MB/s then everything as expected. There's a readme at the download page explaining things and linking to details.
      Sorry i meant 10 MB per sec.
      Also i wanted to let you Guys know that im using ext4 Filesystem.

      Now i was looking for another Solution when it comes to 10-30GB Transfers since they would take a while.
      But is there a good software to copy Files from Windows to a EXT4 Filesystem?

      i know about paragons software but its just a trial and most of the other Software Apps dont work properly on Windows 10.
    • Your only solution is better hardware.
      I started with a Raspi (knowing the specs but it was fun to learn) and I am now on an Odroid HC1.

      Depending on your external storage: many can be disassembled (e.g. I buy Seagate external drives and take them apart since buying a single 4TB 2.5" Seagate drive costs me more).
      Check if you got a standard drive!

      Then depending on the size of your disk either get a HC1 or HC2.
      For backup I use an ODROID XU4 with external USB drive (3.5" with its own power supply).

      I sync my data with syncthing and baikal between many devices running different operating systems.