Blank monitor after new install and no web access

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    • Blank monitor after new install and no web access

      Hello, I'm new to Openmediavault (OMV). After exploring various file print server solutions I decided to try OMV due to it's small foot print and robust capabilities. I'm installing OMV onto a system with the following specs:

      Dell Precision 650
      2 GB Ram
      80 GB IDE hard drive
      Xeon E7505 (3.06 GHz) CPU
      NVIDEA Quadro FX (DVI) video card

      The system is 32-bit so I've had to install OMV 3.0.36 as it was the last 32-bit version I could locate. The installation appears to have completed successfully however after rebooting the monitor indicates it no longer is detecting a signal. The router does assign an IP address to the system and I am able to ping it. When attempting to SSH or to access the Web GUI the errors both read connection refused.

      My plan is to move the OMV system to USB and use the hard drive as data storage with an external hard drive as back up as well as rsync for off site backups. I've also been reading the forums before posting hoping to find an easy fix for a basic installation but have not had success. Thank you for any suggestions.
    • Blank monitor after new install and no web access

      SSH is off by default IIRC.

      Also, I’m pretty sure it’s still possible to install the latest version in 32bit by installing Debian first then adding OMV repos and installing afterwards. When 32bit support in the prebuilt ISOs was dropped, I seem to remember this being mentioned.

      @votdev is this still the case? Can OMV be installed on top of a Debian 9 32bit system using the usual instructions at…stallation/on_debian.html ?

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    • Please use OMV4 because all other versions are EOL and you will not get security updates from OMV nor Debian. Use the Debian 9 32bit Netinst images and manually install OMV as suggested at Install OMV4 on Debian 9 (Stretch).
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    • Thank you for the very fast response. I'm used to waiting 2 or more days on various other forms for anyone to actually reply. Believe me I would like to install OMV4 but as mentioned it's a 32-bit system. From what I understand OMV3 can be updated to the latest OMV4 so as soon as I can access the system that is what I intend to do.

      As an update I searched outside of OMV forums and found a solution. The problem was more basic at the linux level not with OMV that I know of. Modifying GRUB with nomodeset allowed me to view the monitor, so now I can at least manipulate the system. The link I used for the work around was which provided excellent step by step instructions.

      Anyway I thought to keep this thread updated if anyone else encounters a similar problem. Now I need to tackle the WebGUI access and enable SSH. Thank you again.
    • Blank monitor after new install and no web access

      You CAN have OMV 4 and 32bit.

      Download this:…an-9.5.0-i386-netinst.iso

      Install without a desktop environment.

      After install, fix your Grub options as you described then login as root or your user and gain root privs.

      Then follow this:…stallation/on_debian.html from the section Debian 9 (Stretch)

      This will give you a 32bit install of OMV4.

      Job done. :)

      To fix the GUI etc on your present install, use the omv-firstaid command.

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