Ldap users not connect windows SMB/CIFS

    • OMV 4.x
    • Ldap users not connect windows SMB/CIFS


      I installed the Ldap plugin on Opendavault, I made the necessary adjustments and I added samba schema on the openbdap side, ldap user can login with his own password to ftp and GUI interface, but the user can not log on windows with his own password. Can you help with this problem.
    • I don't see ldap users in the openmedivault user list. When I create the same user name on Ldap oand openmedivault, user can login to ftp share with ldap password. SMB / CIFS cannot log on to windows with the ldap password, even though I have given user privileges to the files I created in the share. But the SMB / CIFS share allows users to login with the openmedivault password. The main problem is that users cannot login to the SMB / CIFS share with the ldap password.