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      Hello all,
      I built OMV on a VMWare ESXi 6.5 free edition server. i gave the VM 2 hard drives. one that was 16GB and the other is 120GB. i installed OMV to the 16GB but i am noting now that after everything is installed and i have setup plugins and other things, that the drive is only 8GB and currently has 2.17GB free. what happened to the other 8GB of the 16GB drive i gave it? what will happen if my install drive runs out of space?
    • If space runs out on the root filesystem OMV will crash.

      If you have some software that store data in the root filesystem you can move that data to the data partition and link to the original place in the rootfs. Or mount another partition in the rootfs. Either is good practice to avoid any catastrophic problems with a full rootfs. Also it makes backups of the rootfs smaller and faster to do. I do this for Emby, for instance.

      OMV automatically resizes the rootfs on first run. Typically expanding it to 7-8GB. Perhaps that was what happened to you. If you want to resize the rootfs you typically do that after the first run when the install is done. I have no idea how you do that best in your VM environment.
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    • maybe since i'm a linux noobie i am not understanding you. so let ,e explainn, there is nothing i need to do on the VM side. i gave OMV a 16GB drive to install to and it still is 16GB but OMV only seems to have installed to 8GB of it. so how do i expand the boot drive in linux? the space is already there
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    • OK. If it was a physical partition on a physical drive, then this would be easy, just boot from another partition on another drive and install and run for instance parted to resize the partition. Or gparted if it is a full Linux desktop system.

      But since it is a partition on a virtual drive I suspect it is not that easy to access the partition on the virtual drive. You may need to use some VMware tool or utility to resize the partition inside the virtual drive while the VM is not running.
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