Recovering from a drive failure

    • Recovering from a drive failure

      I built a file server for my church with 2ea, 2tb drives, one for the main storage and one for Rsync.

      There doesn't seem to be a easy way to rebuild a main storage drive from the Rsync drive.

      Suggestions have been given to us midnight commander etc, this way still has its complications.

      I believe I have found a simple way to do it if you are using one of the arm boards like the rock64 etc.

      I simply took a second SD card and loaded armbian
      Armbian Debian Stretch Desktop

      One of the features of this OS is you can log in as root and copy between drives with not permissions restrictions.

      After installing Armbian on a SD card, the first thing you do at boot-up is assign a new root password, ( the original root login for the rock64 is 1234)

      You then select "other" at login and type root and the new password, this gives you full access to the drives.

      Copying all the data from one drive to the other and then renaming the directories to what they were on the main data drive etc.

      Just my suggestion to make recovery a bit easier to us not so experienced Linux users.

      Rich Prim
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