how to test a Hard Drive ?

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    • how to test a Hard Drive ?


      Well, i was with a RAID, it failed , with help, i deleted it, and made a merge FS ... all was ok until i copy data back on it ... and then, the merge FS failed :/

      So, i think i have a HDD who's diying but i can't find it... I got another volume (for downloads with transmission), i'd like to keep it, it's only 1 disk ..

      I saw the S.M.A.R.T. but all is green and i don't understand detailled infos ...

      1 HDD (my only 6 To) is still on garanty, i have to be sure if it's the problem

      Thanks for the help, i'm going crazy with thoses HDD ... (and again ... sry for my bad english and my noobish attitude)