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    • OMV as a WebDev-Plattform



      I'm a Teacher for Computer Science and looking for a slim environment for some cs-Courses with a straight forward user-management, a normal LAMP-Server is enough but laking user management, would OMV serve my needs? ... used nginx, worked but was unpractical for diffrent cours-settings. googled xampp, which is capable to be installed as a whole Environment in Docker, but I don't know how to integrate it into the existing Windows-Domain

      my Problem

      ca. 20 courses with up to 20 students.
      Windows Domain
      if using AD in Windows is a problem ... with a usable User-Management


      how can I use the Win-Domain to authentificate the Users, provide homedirs and separeted course Envirements (Dirs) maybe in a Lampp Environment


      is OMV good for it or should I use maybe xxx Server Edition?

      Bye Micha
      Grüße aus Berlin

      omv | 64 bit | backport kernel | omvextras

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