Mount several disks to one shared directory

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Mount several disks to one shared directory

      I plan do create a Nextcloud and using two disks for that.
      One disk for my media, and one disks for my documents.

      I would like to create a directory named Cloud, and mount my two disks to this directory.
      And my next step is to use Cload directory for my Nextcloud.
      • Cload (Shared diectory)
      • Cload/Media (disk1)
      • Cload/Documents (disk2)

      I have tried to implement the steps in below video, and it worked fine when i only used samba.

      Now I am trying to do the same in OMV, but I can't make it work.
      I think the problem is in the conf-settings, but i am not sure.

      I have searched for a solution, or find a plugin that can do the same, but only found raid and pool solutions.

      Need help to solve above problem.
      Or do there exist a plugin that do the same that i missed?

      Thanks in advance.


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