Hardware suggestions for a mini NAS?

    • Hardware suggestions for a mini NAS?


      I have four 2,5" SATA disks (500GB-1TB) and would like to make a small NAS out of them. What kind of hardware would you suggest for that? I would only use it to store my files, no other functions needed. I can do withouth Wifi, Ethernet is enough for me. Speed is unimportant, I just need my NAS to be compact, quiet and low power.

      I guess ARM would be more suitable for such task than x86, right?
    • As for me my Config is Rockpro64 - Marvell 9235 - 4 discs 27 TB ( 2 X 3.5- and 2 X 2.5) using their case pine64.org/?product=rockpro64-metal-desktop as-casing
      and an other cable pine64.org/?product=rockpro64-…able-for-dual-sata-drives so you can easily fit 4 X 2.5
      Now not sure what you are calling inexpensive but for me It fitted the bill I am pretty happy with this set-up also all my back up are done thru ext disc connected to USB 3 port.

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    • You stated earlier that you wanted a compact, quiet and low power solution.

      A multi disk solution is not compact, quiet or low power compared to a single disk solution.

      It might be a good idea to build a multi disk NAS with several big disks to provide very high capacity NAS. But it seems rather daft to build a multi disk NAS with small disks. Especially if you want a compact, quiet and low power solution. Then a single disk solution with a big disk would make more sense.
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    • turziko wrote:

      Nefertiti, your first links leads to a 404 page…

      But your setup seems rather simple and elegant. Is there any other ARM board that can take PCI cards?

      If I foresee getting two more 2.5 disks in the future, I just get a PCI SATA card with more connectors, right?

      Are there any drawbacks for the setup Nefertiti uses?
      Link is pine64.org/?product=rockpro64-metal-desktopnas-casing come already with 1 SATA power cable 12/5 volts
    • I've been using an embedded A68N-5600 Biostar board w/ 6gb of DDR3. It's more than powerful enough for what you're looking at, it's mini-itx & has 4 SATA ports. I just went to take a look & haven't been able to find another on Newegg or Amazon (got it last summer), but I found this board for USD$73.60 - combine it with a cheap SATA card to run your boot drive + two cheap 4GB sticks of RAM & you'll have yourself a competent little NAS.


      Hope that helps
    • marcsgirall wrote:

      Since it's 2019 I wouldn't buy an ASRock J3455-ITX any more but a J4105 (Gemini Lake successor, somewhat faster, IMO best performance/price ratio currently). Only when there are compatible DDR3 SO-DIMMs already laying around I would look at the J3455 any more...

      What you didn't list is an enclosure and the needed PSU (ATX style so a lot of energy wasted for nothing).In the past ASRock had some 'DC-ITX' variants with way lower overall consumption due to being fed with a 19V PSU... but with 4 disks the PSU needs to be large (and inefficient) anyway...