Moving from Docker on Synology to OMV

    • Moving from Docker on Synology to OMV

      Hi everyone. I've been abusing my 8-bay Synology NAS for a while now with Docker and a bunch of containers and thought I'd move to the R710 that I have in the garage just collecting dust. So after much deliberation on a platform, I decided to go with OMV. The install was pretty straightforward, and the TDL videos are awesome for walking through the necessary steps. However, they all (from what I've watched so far) build from the premise that media storage and the docker host are the same machine. I don't have enough storage on the server to store all of the media files, so I'll need those to remain where they are. I'm assuming the Remote Mount plugin is the best way to do this, however, I'm not sure I'm setting it up correctly.

      Here's what I've got so far: remote shares mounted, all remote shares set up to be shared folders (so docker can access), user1 R/W privileges on all, and paths set up in radarr (for example)

      I know that I've got something wrong because I'm seeing extra paths in those shares now (\\synology\tv\tv, \\synology\Movies\Movies, etc.) and also because it doesn't work :D

      I'm sure this is something simple, or maybe I'm going about this all the wrong way. Any insight would be spectacular. Thanks!
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    • Figured out the redundant paths in the shared folder section, I think. Replaced shares with /. Still unsure that this is the best way to do it.

      Now it seems I have a permission issue: [v0.2.0.1217] System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path "/config/" is denied. Does the PGID/UID in the OVM Docker container need to match the user that's running it on the OMV host, or a user on the remote volumes, or something else?

      Also unclear on how to create a local directory outside of Docker to store container configs. Is this possible, or do I need to set up another partition separate from OMV?

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