Help with Docker, Nextcloud installation

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    • Help with Docker, Nextcloud installation


      Dear Community,

      I have a little bit problem that I install the Nextcloud application in Docker.
      The system main component the Asrock J4105-ITX mobo that I firstly installed Debian 9 (netinst) and I secoundary installed the Mv

      I followed the steps this video :

      I have a Debian root user hat nam is stigma and I created a new user what name is stigma_megosztas

      I created a 2 new folder Appdata and Nextcloud and I have set the following:
      - Everyone read/write
      - Guest allow
      - Inherit permission

      I configurated the mariadb and nextcloud in a docker and I want to login the web site the Nas id adress example :(
      I give a 2 error message:
      1. under 10-15 sec I give an 504 error (nginx)
      2. After I refreshed the page I give this error:
      Your data directory is readable by other users
      Please change the permissions to 0770 so that the directory cannot be listed by other users.

      When I conficureted a mysql I tried to configure it with another user PUID and PGID but the error massage is same
      - stigma user : PUID: 1000 PUID:100
      - stigma_megosztas user : PUID: 1001 PUID:100
      - admin user(when I loggin the OMV) : PUID: 998 PUID:100

      I think the solution is here because the root user can write the Appdata folder. But When I created this folder (Appdata and Nextcloud) I set write Everyone and Guest Allow
      I think this folder should be in the write permissions a user who I configurated PUID and PGID

      I don't know that information is important or not but my HDD use NTFS partition therefore there is not ACL menu item.

      If someone could help, I would thank you very much.
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      Thanks for the information.
      I have attached the permission of Nextcloud and Appdata, only root has the authority

      ../Appdata/Nextclouddb => maridab => only root user have a permission

      ../Appdata/Nextcloud => / config => only root user have a permission
      ../Nextcloud => / data => only root user have a permission

      Do I need to add the user whose my PUID was added to mysql to the /data (sharedfolder/Nextcloud) folder?
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      I believe I found the problem that may be due to the HDD file system because of NTFS.

      In Virtuaklbox I created a similar debian9.6 system for which I installed OMV (jessie)…stallation/on_debian.html

      I then configured an HDD1 with EXT4 partition
      Then I created the necessary folders as follows (Appdata [subfolder1: Nextcloud, subfolder 2: Nextclouddb] and Nextcloud) under the following conditions (as root)
      - Everyone read / write
      - Guest allow
      - Inherit permission

      I've configured the necessary shares and docs
      Then with the steps in the description, I put the docker image (mariadb and nextcloud) and the nextcloud started first.

      I'm a little happier now because I realized the mistake. :D
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      Virgil.A wrote:

      stigma wrote:

      I'm a little happier now because I realized the mistake. :D
      That is the best way to learn, I would have never guessed that ntfs would be the problem :))
      Well, I didn't even think of it, but I tried it in virtualbox and that's why I think it is.

      I'll try it out in the middle of the week, reinstall the system and make backup backup data, I will only use Ext4 drives in the future (because the OMV not like the NTFS system)
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