bad usb disks performance

    • OMV 4.x

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    • bad usb disks performance


      Hi guys, I'm facing a big issue with my OMV NAS (nuc-like minipc with celeron n3150, 4 gb ram and a single internal disk).
      I've mounted 2 usb hard drives (an usb 2.0 formatted as NTFS and an usb 3.0 formatted as EXT4).
      Copy a file on any directory (on the same disk or between both) returns very unstable performance: at first, the maximum speed is reached for 10 s, then I got a speed drop to about 100 KB/s or a stop for abount 5-6 minutes.
      I tried also SMB protocol, same results.
      The same disks, mounted to another pc with windows/ubuntu, have no limitation.
      Any idea?
      I already setup the power management to maximum performance.