Fsarchiver made my disk temporarily read-only

    • OMV 4.x
    • Fsarchiver made my disk temporarily read-only


      today I tried to do an backup of my system ssd with fsarchiver. I used my storage as destination and used ssh for the command.

      After about 500MB of data copied, the backup stoppped with this message:

      archwriter.c#212,archwriter_write_buffer(): Can't write to the archive file. Space on device is 1.27 TB.
      If the archive is being written to a FAT filesystem, you may have reached
      the maximum filesize that it can handle (in general 2 GB)

      After that my storage wasn't writable until reboot. I tried it a second time and the same happened. The disk has plenty of space and later I wrote 20 GB of data on it without a problem.

      Could this problem be related to Openmediavault like being a problem of another program than OMV writing on the disk?

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