Why is my HDD waking up?

    • This happened again but this time "smbd" was present among the processes in iosnoop.

      Source Code

      1. smbd 2911 RM 8,16 5033242544 4096 6922.81
      2. kworker/0:1H 383 WS 8,16 3905925968 28672 0.33
      3. jbd2/sdb1-62 622 FWS 8,16 18446744073709551615 0 70.79
      4. <idle> 0 WS 8,16 3905926024 4096 0.22
      5. <idle> 0 FWS 8,16 18446744073709551615 0 24.96

      I wasn't using using smb at the moment and the only other device that has access to the share is my nvidia shield tv so it must be it.
      "find /sharedfolders -amin -1" showed a bunch of random directories.

      Source Code

      1. /sharedfolders/WD-RED-Media/Serie TV/Big Mouth (2017)
      2. /sharedfolders/WD-RED-Media/Serie TV/Mr. Robot (2015)
      3. /sharedfolders/WD-RED-Media/Serie TV/Bates Motel (2013)
      4. /sharedfolders/WD-RED-Media/Serie TV/Bates Motel (2013)/Season 02
      5. /sharedfolders/WD-RED-Media/Serie TV/Bates Motel (2013)/Season 05
      6. /sharedfolders/WD-RED-Media/Serie TV/Bates Motel (2013)/Season 03
      7. /sharedfolders/WD-RED-Media/Serie TV/Brickleberry (2012)
      8. /sharedfolders/WD-RED-Media/Immagini foto video
      9. /sharedfolders/WD-RED-Media/Immagini foto video/Cellulare Ionel
      10. /sharedfolders/WD-RED-Media/Immagini foto video/Cellulare Ionel/gennaio - febbraio 2016
      11. /sharedfolders/WD-RED-Media/Immagini foto video/Cellulare Ionel/montagna marzo 2016
      12. /sharedfolders/WD-RED-Media/Immagini foto video/Cellulare Ionel/romania marzo 2016
      13. /sharedfolders/WD-RED-Media/Immagini foto video/Fotocamera Gheorghe
      14. /sharedfolders/WD-RED-Media/Immagini foto video/Fotocamera Gheorghe/capodanno 2017
      15. /sharedfolders/WD-RED-Media/Immagini foto video/Cellulare Alex
      16. /sharedfolders/WD-RED-Media/Immagini foto video/Cellulare Alex/Dicembre 2015
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      I think the reason "smbd" didn't show up ealier is because I run the iosnoop command after the drive woke up. I forgot to mention that, my bad.
      However, I'm pretty sure I have seen the drive woke up without any activity shown in iosnoop in the past, so I'm not excluding SMART yet.
    • It seems like you have some software somewhere that is indexing your media files or at least checking for updates. It could be another client on the network or some local media app. Or even a intruder hacker. ;) So it seems that your system is working just fine. If some software tries to access files on the HDD, it spins up.

      Perhaps the nvidia shield TV checks for new media. Or Emby/Plex checks for updated or new media. Check the settings...
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    • Sorry for bothering you guys again but I'm still having this issue :( . This time with smb deactivated. iosnoop shows that this caused by "sync". Any idea what could it be?

      Source Code

      1. mmcqd/0 170 WFS 179,0 163968 4096 0.85
      2. mmcqd/0 170 WS 179,0 294912 4096 0.69
      3. mmcqd/0 170 FWS 179,0 18446744073709551615 0 0.16
      4. sync 18922 FWS 8,0 18446744073709551615 0 6970.21
      5. mmcqd/0 170 WS 179,0 3827584 32768 1.31
      6. mmcqd/0 170 WS 179,0 4351872 32768 2.00
    • Again, are there some files accessed in /sharedfolders, that may cause the drive to spin up?

      If there are, them some plugin/script/setting is causing that. Check crontab, anything strange there?

      The program sync is commonly used in timed scripts and background processes to ensure that data in caches and buffers are written to disk.

      You might even (unlikely) have been infected by a worm that tries to propagate and spread.

      What happens if you do a fresh install? Just install and update, don't add anything at all. Does the drive still spin up?

      Then add one thing after another, until you get where you are now, and check after every single step to see if that caused the random spin ups.

      And please, please report here if you find the culprit!
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    • Hi! Update. This is what happened. First thing I noticed that the issue had a pattern: the HD was being waken up every 15 minutes. Then I noticed that even with all the components active (smb, docker, SMART, ecc.), a simple reboot was fixing the issue... for a day. The next day the issue was coming back again. I then deactivated every component one by one with a reboot and a day of waiting in between. And I finally found the culprit: the transmission docker. I simply reinstalled it and now it looks like it's all working fine. Thanks for the help!