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    • VPN Internet Access

      Hello guys,

      i am using OpenVPN on my omv server.
      I can connect from internet to omv with my android without problems.
      I can reach then omv gui too in vpn connection.
      But its not possible to surf in internet via vpn.
      When i am in vpn connection with my android device, it only knows the ip adresses of omv and docker container, nothing els. Not even the router ip ...

      I think my omv server creates a subnet which let me reach omv and docker container but not my "real" home network.
      I need this function for permanent vpn connection via android e.g. when i take a picture, this one will get uploaded to nextcloud instant.

      Do you understand? :D

      My omv gives me an ip adress like ... with subnet.
      This is the default setting of openVPN plugin.

      I know that the two devices in vpn connection needs different subnets.
      But how can i fix my problem?
      Does i need a second gateway interface for connection from omv to router?

      I hope someone can help me.
      Thank you!

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    • Post your VPN config, blur out the internet IP or DNS.

      I have no issue with the following config:

      General settings:
      - Configure the plugin:
      - enable: true
      - port: 1194
      - use compression: true
      - PAM: true

      VPN network:
      - Address:
      - MASK:
      - Gateway interface: your internet interface (mine is ens5, but the interface is in the dropdown list just select the one connected to the internet)
      - Default gateway: true

      DHCP options
      everything is empty

      - Public address: your IP or if NO-IP use your domain.ddns.net
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    • Hey,

      thanks for help.

      It works now with the following Settings:

      Default Gateway = false

      I tryed it before but with another option. That was the reason why i thought it wont help me.
      But today i tryed again with setting it to false and now all works !! :)

      Thanks and this can be closed :thumbsup: