Problem with "new" install

    • Problem with "new" install

      the "new" is becouse i dont know if the install automatically formats the drive or not

      I had some problems with my old install of OMV (v2 or v3 i'm not sure) so i downloaded the openmediavault_4.1.3-amd64.iso from and burned it to a disc.

      i Disconected all drives exept the ssd that i used for the operative system and plugged the disk in and ran the install with network connected. (i still havent connected the drives i disconnected )

      After the install and first boot i get a "no network interface available" error
      so i log in as root and run "omv-firstaid" and run the "config network interface"

      I get a "error: failed to execute command"

      I have bound the servers MAC adress to an ip adress with my router

      i have followed this thred No network interfaces available after install ofc changing the enp2s0f0 to what my shows me but i still have the same error

      is there someting i have missed or can someone help me running more thests to figure out whats wrong? (dont have access to the webgui or putty only the monitor and keyboard conneced to it)
    • Simplify.

      Try without any configuration of the router. Or anything special. Let the DHCP-server in your network work as normal. You can always fiddle with the ip later.

      You don't say anything about your system. What nic do you use? Are there more than one nic?
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    • I'm using a normal amd pc.
      I had the same problem when i used normal DHCP thats why i changed to a static ip on the router (on the old install i had a static ip form changing the settings on the server)
      I have no ide what a nic is. so cant tell you (if it is the network card it is the built in on the mobo)

      Changed the DHCP to normal and restarted the server no change

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    • Network Interface Card. NIC.

      Get a thumbdrive and put some common live Linux dist on it. Ubuntu. Boot and see if it works = Access internet. If it doesn't then it is a hardware or motherboard setup problem. If it works then it may be OMV. Reinstall?
      OMV 4, 7 x ODROID HC2, 1 x ODROID HC1, 3 x 12TB, 2 x 8TB, 1 x 4TB, 1 x 2TB SSHD, 1 x 500GB SSD, GbE, WiFi mesh
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