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    • Remi wrote:

      Recently my internet provider send me an email warning of ........
      It depends what. p2p?
      If you are doing some terribly illegal things, it's probably not an ISP that I would be afraid of ....
      The VPN will hide your content and target. But the fact that you use it and how much data in what time frame you are sending will still be able to see.

      Remi wrote:

      I know now fo sure they monitoring me
      Everyone monitors everyone. Those who think that they are anonymous on the Internet for players like the NSA and others may be surprised one day. Correlation of data from many points is a powerful tool in the arms of large insitutions. You may have heard about att-internet-nsa-spy-hubs .... It is also no secret that UK shares all the data with NSA and the rest of the members of the five eyes.

      Always assume that everyone is monitoring you. Many countries impose a legal obligation for the ISP to store all key logs for up to five years. Do not trust anyone. You always operate on the principle that your activity in the network is logged and subjected to automatic analysis in terms of specific behaviors.

      Remi wrote:

      need to be more up to speed with this.
      Such threats from ISP about p2p are nothing new. If there is no legal basis, they can only scare you.
      Usually it works so that one of the companies working for publishers / copyright owners sends mass spam to various ISPs and tries to put pressure on them, and ISPs continue to pass such threats on to their clients.

      I do not know how it is currently in the UK. What people are allowed and what is not allowed.
      Check what is the state of the law. If there is actually a legal basis then you have a problem.
      On the other hand, thousands of IP addresses from the UK in p2p and I do not hear about mass arrests or lawsuits for millions of dollars.

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