Can't boot after connect data hdd

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    • Can't boot after connect data hdd

      Good evening everyone. I've installed OMV into a usb stick without problems. Then, I've turned off the machine and I've connected a SATA HDD for storage. When te machine is booting up I get the follow message:

      I've read about that and I found a temporary solution... Modifing the grub config "on the fly" changing the letter for the OS drive... Then, the machine started up whitout problems.

      Here is my question: Do you know how to give always the same letter to a drive? I mean, this solution was successfull, but I'd like to give the OS USB stick the sda letter always. Is there a way to do that?
      Again, I can boot by changing the grub config during the boot process, but, as I said, I'd like to be sure that always my OS drive will get sda1.

      I've read something about udev rules... Getting unique parameters from devices, like vendor, id, etc... and building rules to match letters with devices... Did you hear about that? :thumbsup:
    • Not to my knowledge, but the drive letter is more or less irrelevant, so even if you could I'm not sure why you'd get worked up about it.

      You could try changing ports, etc.. that the drive is connected to.. that might change it... but I wouldn't worry about it. Since OMV uses UUID's for mounting drives, which is unique to every device no matter what operating system.. it really makes the drive letter pretty much irrelevant.
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    • Try to move the drive to a different SATA connection.

      The SATA port 1 is typically sda, the SATA port 2 port is sdb, and so on.

      If you move the drive you may need to again specify in bios what device to boot from.
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