Letsencrypt - Subdir subdomains.

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Letsencrypt - Subdir subdomains.

      I've got the letsencrypt docker working perfectly fine, multiple services running from it and the nginx reverse proxy all working correctly eg plex.domain.com, nextcloud.domain.com ect. What i'd like to do is use the www side of things to run a couple php, mysql scripts. I have them in the www folder as folder1, folder2. and i can load them via domain.com/folder1 and domain.com/folder3, however i'd like to use them as sub domains instead. Ive added the sub domains to the docker, created the .conf files ect but cannot get them to load. I've also noticed if i load a above the subdomain nginx gives me a 403, is mod rewrite disabled by default?

      Any help at all would be greatly appriciated, been scratching my head for hours but feel as though im thinking way too deep into it.