Windows VM install

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    • Windows VM install

      Hi All,

      I'm a total noob, I essentially know nothing, but I have managed to muddle my way through the install and I have gotten my plex server up and running thanks to the forum and the TDL videos. I would like to install a windows Virtual machine so I can start ripping my various bluray/dvds into MKVs. My server is currnently the most pwerful computer in the house and I would like to do the work on that machine to avoid impacting my other machines.

      I'm trying to use the virtualbox plug in.

      I have tried to follow the TDL virtual machine install guide on you tube as best as I can, but he installs Linux and I'm installing windows. I think I configure everything properly but when I click start I get an error "virtual machine terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1" I have tried numerous different setting and I always get the same result.

      Is there a Guide for a Windows VM install somewhere? I have looked and I can't find one.

      any help you can provide would be great.

      Here is my hardware config:
      Ryzen 7 (1st gen)
      RAM: 16GB
      MB: ASROCK Tiachi x370
      USB boot drive
      OMV version 4.1
    • Note that this forum supports OMV and, to some degree, 2nd party software that's loaded into an OMV server. Your question is more related to the workings of Virtual Box.
      You might have better luck finding an answer on the Virtual Box forum. Look under Windows Guests and remember that you're using the PHP version of VB. As memory serves, PHP VB is a couple versions behind the latest standard version.