rutorrent docker + mergerfs

    • OMV 4.x

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    • rutorrent docker + mergerfs


      Id love to setup RuTorrent instead of transmission. I get it up and running with linuxserver's image but as has been mentioned on here, nothing will download. I use MergerFS to pool a number of drives and would like to keep it that way. This is for long term seeding of a very large number of torrents with data copied off my gsuite (thousands so transmission will start to have issues), I would also obviously like to download to this pool as well.

      What's the solution? Is someone willing to walk me through this?
    • I figured it out, I changed mergerfs setting to not use direct_io . No idea what consequences are of this but it is working as expected. Now to deal with moving torrents to subfolders based on tracker. Doing this with transmission since apparently, if the data exists (say I had x torrent in downloads, load it into rutorrent, have it find / check it and then hit 'save to' with move, it doesnt move it, it just redownloads into the new folder)