Can't get wok on raspberry pi 3+

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    • Can't get wok on raspberry pi 3+


      I'm trying over severeal days to get it work on my raspberry pi 3+ but without any progress...

      I'm following this tutorial ->

      I did absolutelly everything as same until the point 2:27 of the video, at this point that screen of the terminal show me some erros, I think it's errors from nginx server.

      Already tested the SD card, I'm using a 32gb class 10 and this card worked fine with batocera.

      My steps:
      1 - Download the image from this site for raspberry pi 3+
      2 - created the sd card with balena etcher using the image without decompressing
      3 - inserted at the raspberry and waited
      Additional details: The raspberry was connected in internet by cable eth and I tryed to attach and usb flash drive and a external hdd with ext4 partition.

      At the screen in 2:27 i can see the IP, but nothing happens if I try to enter in my browser

      I saw in some places that the rasp will reboot after some minutes in first boot, this not occured with me

      Wich detail i'm missing?

      Sorry for the bad english...

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    • i'm wating a several days and keep trying and searching without success

      my power supply is the same I was using with batocera, I think it is enough, it came with my raspberry

      my sd is new, but I also tryed with a used, I tryed with 3 sd card 32gb class 10

      I'm typing only the IP was informed in the terminal, just like is showed in yout video at 2:27

      I can't provide screenshots now, but I'll as soon as possible

    • A first start might be to actually follow the instructions given in the screen and read the error massage why those services are not getting up.
      journalctl and systemctl status will help you with that. A lot of those services also have own loggin files, look in /var/log.
      Also your /etc/fstab seems to be wrong, as he cant swappon.
      The beauty about GNU/Linux is the great debug possibilities. Make use of them!