Raspberry Pi replacement advice (needs to run Windows)

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    • Raspberry Pi replacement advice (needs to run Windows)


      Apologies in advance that this question is not strictly about OMV, but you guys are so very knowledgeable on hardware that I would really be grateful for some advice.

      The viewing habits of my family have changed a bit and we are starting to watch video from a number of different sources:

      1. Live TV and Recordings on a Raspberry Pi3, running Kodi - this is linked to an Odroid HC2, running TVHeadend on OMV.

      2. Netflix via a Chromecast.

      3. SkyGo via a Windows laptop.

      I really want to replace this with a single device - it has to have Windows on it as SkyGo will not work on anything else.

      What do you guys recommend?

      I need something that is small, silent and power efficient, yet powerful enough to run the SkyGo app - suggested specs being : helpforum.sky.com/t5/How-to/Sy…-desktop-app/ba-p/2842896

      What do you suggest?

      At the moment, I am thinking of something like a Beelink S2, which seems to be really great value.
    • Maybe look at the Atomic Pi? I have one but never tried Windows on it (yuck).
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