HELP: Hardware failure, data recovery OMV 3.8

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    • HELP: Hardware failure, data recovery OMV 3.8


      I had OMV running off a USB drive on a NAS with 3 drives in RAID 5. Unfortunately something in the NAS gave up way and it stopped booting.

      I'm asking the questions for whether
      1. I can use different "hardware (read computer)" to boot up OMV off same USB with configurations and the same 3 drives and recover/rebuild the array to recover data.
      2. If no. 1 is possible, how do i go about getting the data off as before it went dead, I was unable to browse using PC but could still access it via Kodi. Pretty sure CIFS/SMB is enabled and was working when first configured.Fairly certain NFS is enabled too.

      Any help would be great as losing that 4TB of data would take a long while to recover.

      1. OMV3 and related Debian version 8 is EOL, it is not supported any more and is causing significant problems; you will find many threads about this
      2. creation of RAID with USB connected devices has been disabled for OMV4 (for a reason)
      3. you can try to recover your RAID using CLI on OMV4 (or any other linux distro that includes mdadm)
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    • That didn't quite answer my query.

      1. Only the OMV is installed on USB. The HDDs are connected internally on a NAS chassis to the motherboard directly.
      2. I didn't have any issue prior to failure. hardware failure on the NAS, possibly power supply and/or the processor could've overheated.
      3. I wanted to know if i can plug the HDDs in into motherboard internally on a PC instead of NAS and boot OMV off the same said USB mentioned in 1 and rebuild array.
      4. Or as you said, would it be better to start fresh with new OMV 4.0 and rebuild array (not too sure on what to do or if possible)???

      Thanks in advanced.