OneDrive + OMV anything straightfoward as of yet?

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    • OneDrive + OMV anything straightfoward as of yet?

      Hi all,

      I'm pretty new to the NAS world, and after climbing the learning curve a bit (multiple reinstalls, etc), I've finally have been able to get it working well, and have started to go a bit deeper (like now using it as a media server with emby, etc...)

      One thing I'd like to accomplish is to see if I get the the OMV directly link with OneDrive -- I've seen some workarounds, but none quite fits what I'd like to accomplish. These are:

      - Live syncing to/from designated folders in my NAS drive (no scheduled tasks)
      - Would like to avoid a intermediate steps if possible (e.g. using another syncing tool between another PC client and NAS)
      - Sync using OneDrive - Business account to be specific.. I get 1TB through my alma mater for free and I'd like to utilize this if possible.

      Closest I've seen are duplicati plug-in, and using workaround like explained in links below:…hlight=onedrive#post98103

      But they all don't quite check off my would-like lists, so wondering if there's anything out there.

      Thanks in advance for any responses.