Support for multiple wi-fi networks

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Support for multiple wi-fi networks

      Can OMV support multiple wi-fi networks (without having to manually edit interfaces file)? I use rasperry pi's for NAS and Kodi as I move around a lot and find them ideal. But each location has a different router. I would normally deal with this scenario using wpa_supplicant and multiple network entries but it seems OMV doesn't use wpa_supplicant. I did try to point /etc/network/interfaces at a wpa_supplicant.conf but it didn't work (no IP allocated and therefore inaccessible from remote), but to be honest I don't really know enough about networking to make this happen. Is there any way to have OMV connect to any one of several different wi-fi's when in range?
    • I have three wifi networks. I use a couple of small OpenWrt--based mini routers configured to bridge between networks. Works fine. I could bridge between wifi networks, but I prefer to only bridge between wifi and cable. Simpler and better performance.

      I use gl-inet ar150 and gl-inet ar300. They only support 2.4 GHz. One end is a 2.4 GHz wifi network, the other is a fast ethernet port. And my main wifi is a 5GHz wifi mesh hanging off a 1GbE cabled network.
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    • raj wrote:

      Is there any way to have OMV connect to any one of several different wi-fi's when in range?
      Sure, just stop fiddling around with your /etc/network modifications (the tons of tutorials on the Internet all tell you how we did it a decade ago), revert to original config and use nmtui in each location.

      Network manager will create an own profile for each wireless lan and automagically chooses the one with best quality (in your situation: the one available at each location).
    • Thanks tkaiser, not familiar with nmtui but now I know what to use will read up on it. Cheers.

      Update: yes nmtui config works very well and my RPi seems to switch seamlessly between networks when one or the other is active. I notice wpa supplicant is still loading during boot. I don't know if it's anything I did when trying to get it to wok and it doesn't seem to be interfering but is it OK to remove it if not used?

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