Strange CIFS/SMB Problem would like advice with

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    • Strange CIFS/SMB Problem would like advice with

      Hi Hive Mind,

      I ran across a problem that started a couple of days ago where my Win 10 system would not allow me to access my SMB/CIFS shares set up on OMV. I have been running OMV for a couple of months now and until this point had no problem accessing the shares set up. However recently the system would not show up at all in Network as it would have previously. However I was still able to access the web GUI as normal via IP.

      Current OMV 4.1.21-1 and O/S is Win 10 home 1809.

      At first I thought this would be a problem with OMV but after checking other devices I was still able to access the shares on mobile devices etc so assumed it must be an issue with the windows system I was using to access.

      The only way I was able to rectify the problem and get the system to show in network again was to enable the SMB 1.0 CIFS Client option in control panel > programs > windows features which was unchecked.

      Probably some basic questions but I am fairly new to OMV and linux in general so humour me please

      Having never looked at the SMB settings in windows features before, is the SMB 1.0 client option something that would have been previously enabled and possibly changed with a recent update?

      My OMV is on a private home network with no remote access currently set up, however I understand there is some security concerns with SMB 1.0 which is possibly why it was unchecked as an option?

      Any ideas on what would have recently changed to suddenly prevent me accessing the shares? (OMV or Windows) as I have changed no configs myself other than running updates on both systems when required.

      Finally is there a safer/more efficient/generally better way of solving the problem than enabling the SMB 1.0 client option?

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