Docker data-root on mergerfs share

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Docker data-root on mergerfs share

      I'm trying to have Docker use my mergerfs share as its data-root but when I try to start up a container I'm getting the following error:

      ERROR: for {container-name} Cannot create container for service {container-name}: error creating overlay mount to /srv/{mergerfs uuid}/docker/overlay2/a2807f5f147bf1d06f0fb1278f5b26930ef03d152954b4d99c5297ac770bda28-init/merged: invalid argument

      Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this. Its the only issue I'm running into with my omv build.
    • Look in your /etc/fstab and see if it shows up there. I don't use the UnionFS plugin, I configure mergerfs by hand instead.

      Also, regardless of how you specify it, I would not use a mergerfs pool for the docker base path if using a create policy that has any possibility of scattering these files across more than one drive. If you lose a drive or one fails to mount for any reason, your dockers will be broken.
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