OMV, Sonarr and kodi shared folder

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    • OMV, Sonarr and kodi shared folder

      Hello and first allow me to apologise for this question as I feel I must be being stupid as I cannot find the answer via google, this forum and after watching hours of YouTube videos on the subjects.

      Please allow me to explain what I'm trying to achieve.

      I'm new to OMV but loving it so far.

      I've set up a number of dockers etc and thought I would try and move my Sonarr from my very old and under powered windows pc.
      All went well, as expected however on my windows version of Sonarr I had mapped the TV shows to a external HardDrive plugged into Kodi (libreelec version) using a symbolic link.

      The remote share to the external NTFS HDD plugged into Kodi (LibreElec) is

      Now where I'm getting confused is over how I map the /TV folder in the Sonarr Docker Container to \\LIBREELEC\2TB_Seagate\TV but I'm unsure how I do that in OMV.

      Do I do it using symbolic links plugins. Which I've tried but they are not showing in the docker container assuming I've entered the information correctly that is?
      Do I need to install another docker that will do the mappings for me?
      Or maybe there is a way to do this via the Sonarr docker container?

      Any help at all would be very much appreciated.

      Kindest regards