Internal Webpage inside OMV / Owncloud

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    • Internal Webpage inside OMV / Owncloud


      i recently discovered the "External sites" feature of owncloud - btw the owncloud installer script is still awesome ;-).
      It can reach another external site inside the owncloud window.

      Now i have two questions:

      1. Is this feature possible for OMV? So that i can reach sites (internal as well as external ones) inside OMV?
      2. If not inside OMV - is it possible to reach internal sites inside owncloud?

      My plan is to get only one site online and i can reach all the other webinterfaces like virtualbox, ssh when i log into this site.
      At this point it doesn´t matter if the sites are inside OMV or inside owncloud. Anyway i would love to have it reachable in OMV ;)
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