need to comfigure auxiliary parameter -m pxe.remap

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    • need to comfigure auxiliary parameter -m pxe.remap

      Hello all, I need to add in auxiliary parameter a file named erpxe.remap that are in my PXE folder

      PD: I define a folder in my Data disk named PXE and share it by samba to better update from my PC, and configure tftp to use it as root for PXE.

      This works fine, and I can boot numerous images, like Acronis, Debian, Ubuntu , etc... on client machines, but for Windows and winPE images I need a working remap file.

      My questions are:

      what is the correct line to add to auxiliary parameters:

      1= -m erpxe.remap
      2= -m fullpath/PXE/erpxe.remap


      Edit: if something have interest, option 1 is correct:

      Source Code

      1. -m erpxe.remap
      works as expected.
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