OMV Netgear ReadyNas 104

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    • OMV Netgear ReadyNas 104

      Hello, I recently bought a Netgeaear Ready Nas104…storage/readynas-100.aspx and I am quite unhappy with the factory firmware. I have always been a user of FreeNas and despite my lack of knowledge in linux i never had a single problem with that software.

      After being totally disappointed with the firmware I goggled and I realized that the nas original firmware runs on Debian and the file system is Unix; I want to change it to OMV but i need some help on how to do it.

      If someone could help me I don't mind becoming a beta tester (at my own risk) and post the nas performance online.

      Any kind of help is much appreciated
    • Re: OMV Netgear ReadyNas 104

      As far as I have read, a standard Debian neither contains the drivers nor the changes made to the core libraries by Netgear.
      It would be possible to compile all the things from the source packages provided by Debian. But it would be quite a lot of work and in my opinion really not worth the effort...

      So a very good and actually cheap solution would be an HP N40/54L. Many of us have one of these boxes.

      Or you try some addons for your ReadyNas - Still a horrible UI, but makes your NAS more useful. And to be honest, if it runs, you do not need to look a the webui every day ;)
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    • Re: OMV Netgear ReadyNas 104

      Well I understand that I don´t need to use the webui everyday but every time I have to use it´s a head hake the addons its a fingers cross every time I try to install something.

      I am really interested getting read of that UI and switch it with OMV if there is a good soul that can help me out it would be much appreciated.
    • Re: OMV Netgear ReadyNas 104

      Funny I was looking for info on small NAS (ix2-dl) yesterday and ran across this. Not sure how much difference there is between the 102 and 104 but maybe it will help. If you can get debian on it, the OMV part is easy.
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