Guide: Updating Firmware from 5.14 to 6.40 on HP P410 card

    • Guide: Updating Firmware from 5.14 to 6.40 on HP P410 card

      Hi this guides you through updating Firmware to 6.40 from 5.14 on HP P410 Raid controller card installed within the pcie x16 slot on a HP N40l microserver. I wanted to update the firmware on the P410, I searched the internet spending a few days trying various methods to update firmware on P410 card i.e trying to update through VMware ESXI and Windows to update firmware and had no joy so wrote this guide if it helps anyone :)

      Please note:
      - My OMV installation is not a guest within a VMwear ESXI host.
      - I have no existing RAID array group on card so if you have an existing raid array setup I don’t know if updating firmware on card will wipe arrays already setup.

      1. Download latest HP SSP (HPs Server Support Pack) from HP website I used the latest which at the time of writing is HP Service Pack for Proliant 2014.02.0-0_761723-001 spp_2014.02.0-SPP2014020.2014_0128.5.iso
      2. Use Unetbootin to unpack the ISO image onto USB drive I used 8GB SanDisk stick
      3. Set the BIOS to boot from the USB stick
      a. The HP SSP will now load, I picked Auto inventory option and update. I tried the manual update option but had no response.
      b. The HPP SSP will do inventory and look for where updates are required.
      c. The file on HP SSP that looked to update firmware to 6.40 looked to be cp021972.scexe
      4. When complete re-boot Microserver and P410 card will display 6.40 firmware.

      Thank you,

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    • Re: Guide: Updating Firmware from 5.14 to 6.40 on HP P410 ca

      Is it legal to distribute this trial license key on other sites than the HP site? Could you provide some Information about that Key please.

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