Win7 UNC access issue

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    • Win7 UNC access issue

      I have two Win7 users connected to my NAS. one is the admin user on both systems and the other normal user on both systems. All systems have same usernames and passwords.

      i have home directories enabled, 1 read only share and 1 no visible share for the root drive.
      user authentication works however, mapping drives and connecting to the share fails on the non admin user.

      from the command prompt on windows
      dir \\IP\media - works
      dir \\UNC\media - The network name cannot be found

      dir \\IP\rootshare - works
      dir \\UNC\rootshare - Access is denied.

      dir \\IP\user (nonadmin) - Access is denied.
      dir \\UNC\user (nonadmin) - The network name cannot be found

      dir \\IP\admin (user) - works
      dir \\UNC\admin (user) - Access is denied.

      ls -l shows the home directories and folders all have 0771
      owners are username:nogroup

      windows has nasbox defined in hosts file as does nas /etc/hosts

      Any ideas please?

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    • Re: Win7 UNC access issue

      this is definitely something to do with permissions, etc on the OMW side.

      - i created a new user 'test' with same password on both OMV and Win7 - same behavior as non-admin user above.
      - i changed the win7 user to an admin user. no change to behaviour

      from any user, if i try to map the home directory of one of the other users, all fail except the original admin user. When i enter the credentials for this user from any win7 account, i can map to the home directory. but for all other i get network cannot be found.

      i can however see the user's home name in windows explorer under the network computer. just can't browse.

      really appreciate someone who knows something more about samba/omv than me giving some guidance.
    • Re: Win7 UNC access issue

      Maybe you should tell us what you would like to achieve. What I see above does not seem to be a good design and does not show us that you are grasping all the concepts of chmod, and chown. I am not understanding why you are messing with home folders either. Please tell us what you are trying to do.
    • Re: Win7 UNC access issue

      sure tekkbebe,

      i have laptop with win7 and desktop with ubuntu 14.04. my wife and i use both systems. in addition i have a large media collection which needs to be accessible via ps3, dreambox and android devices.
      the user data needs to be accessible via both machines and be non-dependent on the system type. we use open office and and msoffce (via wine) on both systems. other apps are mostly opensource on both system so data is platform independent. all systems have same usernames and passwords.

      I moved the user data to the user home directories on OMV.

      on the Ubuntu system;
      - i have auto mapped the media share successifully
      - having trouble mapping / automapping the OMV home directories though - will post in NFS for that one

      on the windows system;
      the admin users i.e. me can successfully map the smb shares for both the OMV home and media shares
      the normal users (wife + test) cannot map but they can see the home name. trying to change to admin permissions doesn't help.

      when mapping from win7 explorer \\IPaddress\username it remember the admin credentials and maps the share. for the other two users, requests the credentials but fails.
    • Re: Win7 UNC access issue

      i have managed to isolate this problem to OMV or a configuration with OMV. I installed AndSMB on my phone and get exactly the same results as with windows. i.e.
      \media\ - share for media files, \user1, \user2, home directory.

      user1 can cannot to their own home share and \media\
      user2, user3, etc receive the "The network name cannot be found" - exact same message as win7
    • Re: Win7 UNC access issue

      i am not sure what solved this, as it seems to have resolved itself while fixing issues with getting owncloud to work. namely, for owncloud i had to
      - as with plexmediaserver, i had to make sure www-data had r/w access /media/UUID
      - i had to make the registry changes per
      "Prior to mapping your drive, you will need to permit the use of Basic Authentication in the Windows Registry. The procedure is documented in KB841215 and differs between Windows XP/Server 2003 and Windows Vista/7. Please follow the Knowledge Base article before proceeding, and follow the Vista instructions if you run Windows 7."

      In addition, before the above, for win7 i set Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP - however this alone did not fix the issue

      In summary, in the process of doing one or all of these things seems to have resolved the issues described above and now all users can map drives. Interestingly, i now see two computers in windows explorer under networks. one with lower case (does not work) and one with upper case (works). Haven't got to the bottom of why i see two systems now.