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    • General Information, Templates & Guidelines for Guides

      General Information
      If you want to create a Guide, please use one of this templates and please read the guidelines and stick to it as far as you can.
      After you have created a Guide, it will be manually approved by the mods. We try to get a nice look and feel for every Guide for easy reading and understanding. Please be patient. It can take up to 48h - depending on how long your Guide is.

      Currently we need Guides for all you can think of... Starting from core features like
      How to setup a static IP, configure notifications, setting up smb etc... Any Guide will be much appreciated!

      You cannot post anything in a Guide thread!
      That´s because we want the Guide section to stay clean. Look for a "Questions / Problems / Diskussions" Link in every Guide. If you do not find one, create a thread and please note that you used a Guide from the Guide section (link would be excellent)

      - Use code boxes!
      - For Headlines use this code:
      - For very important things, use this code:
      [size=14][b]HERE COMES YOUR TEXT[/b][/size]
      - Post screenshots inline

      Please stick to them as far as you can. If you need to adopt a to fit your guide, feel free to to this. Maybe you create a whole new way to write a guide and we will add your template here ;)
      To insert them, switch to quellcode and insert, then switch back.

      1. Template for "basic OMV features" guides
      This is how it looks like: install omv on a standard debian
      Here is the quellcode:

      2. Template for "Plugin instruction" guides
      This is how it looks like: mysql
      Here is the quellcode:
      OMV stoneburner | HP Microserver | 256GB Samsung 830 SSD for system | 4x 2TB in a RAID5
      OMV erasmus| Odroid XU4 | 5TB Data drive | 500GB Backup drive

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