Installing PlexPass version of Plex

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    • Installing PlexPass version of Plex

      **This process takes place after using mcloum's script**
      I didn't want to post until it was repeatable. Not sure if anyone still needs it, but here is what I have been doing.

      wget <plexpass download url>
      (I use the Ubuntu 64bit link)

      dpkg -i plexmediaserver_######_amd64.deb
      (whichever version you are downloading)

      You get warning that previous version was created by a script default= N
      enter Y

      cd /etc/init.d
      verify plexmediaserver.dpkg-bak exists
      rm plexmediaserver
      (This removes a symbolic link)
      mv plexmediaserver.dpkg-bak plexmediaserver
      ## I rebooted here ##
      update-rc.d plexmediaserver defaults

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    • Re: Installing PlexPass version of Plex

      Uh, did you read the "Setup Info" tab of the plugin??? There are instructions there. The "Plex Pass" section and the "Upgrading" section. Those instructions are recommended.

      ***OMG, this is old -mcloum's Please no one use it or follow any of the instructions in above post.***

      @rwhite, did you install OMV Extras plugin?? Are you on .5 OMV?
      Here is link to OMV Extras:…install-omv-extras-plugin