Rsync - Keep two folders in sync?

    • Rsync - Keep two folders in sync?

      I've got two OMV servers running, and I want to be able to make changes & delete files on both servers but keep the files in sync
      Is this possible with Rsync?
      I'm using it to copy filesfrom server (a) to server (b), but i would like to be able to add files to (b) which is subsequently copied to (a). Also be able to delete files from either and the deletion is reflected on the other server
    • Re: Rsync - Keep two folders in sync?

      "subzeroin" wrote:

      If you've set up a shared folder on one server, copy the full access secret and create a shared folder on the other server, but when you create it use the secret you just copied and paste it in the existing secret field :)

      Ok did that but didnt work, so maybe need to set fixed ports and then port forward on the routers. Cheers
    • merlin699 wrote:

      did you try to check the "Delete files on the receiving side that don't exist on sender"-option when creating a rsync-job?

      Only use that option if you are REALLY sure that you want to use it. If you select it you may delete a file forever in the backup location which was just accidentially deleted in the source location.

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    • theres a little flag for the fearsome:


      With this rsync does everything, without writing or changing files. Good because the rsync syntax can be sometimes tricky (i mess up the trailing / from time to time) ;)

      EDIT: or -n


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